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With every season of tea, we have come to appreciate more the efforts of Rossell Tea to deliver the best of Assams. Fine quality and consistency is their norm and from which they don’t falter. Each year, Rossell offers the world and Teabox customers fabulous teas to look forward to and relish for many more cups to come with their unparalleled excellence.


An estate that spans 1517 hectares of the best part of Assam's tea growing area, Dikom is also one of its oldest. Producing quality clonals consistently for years, the estate benefits from the sweet tasting water of the generous Sessa river. Its teas carry with them a character that is unique in its rich color and maltiness. The golden flowery tips of these teas hold in them layered and bright flavors and aromas that distinguish them from the other teas of the region. Dikom's offerings are truly something to explore and cherish.

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Cut off from the world, Namsang tea estate rests in the upper reaches of Assam and deep within a forest reserve. The Buri Dehing river runs along its side with Arunachal Pradesh across it. Resting higher than the usual Assam estates, Namsang is a treat to tea lovers and explorers alike. The teas from here carry a distinctive lively character that the elevation provides along with the maltiness of the lush forest floor. Try its teas and you'll remember for a long time.

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